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There’s good news! The Pityrosporum Blog is officially on Patreon!


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Who is a patron? A patron is someone who is committed to this blog’s success as much as we are. And since the success of this website is only as good as the content shared on it, we’re looking to partner with you, your team, or your company to make it even better!


We chose Patreon because it allows patrons, like yourself, the opportunity to support content creators – Youtubers and bloggers – with a monthly donation for our content creation.


By content creation we mean the continued creation of high-quality informative content through the use of blog posts, videos, surveys and research data. With adequate funding, we would be able to purchase subscriptions to various scientific publications and journals, purchase relevant books, host frequent giveaways, and so much more!



Here are some examples of partnerships we would be interested in:


  1. Collaboration on a research project/study,
  2. Collaboration on a blog post/article,
  3. Collaboration on a Youtube video or website vlog post, or
  4. Create your own collaboration idea!


If you have other ideas? Send them our way. We’re always looking for innovative ways to team up.


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